Cosmetology Career Information

Cosmetology is the practice of creating physical beauty, and cosmetologists provide hair, nail and skin care services to clients.  Hair care services include cutting, shampooing, perming, styling and coloring.  Cosmetologists also provide makeup application, makeovers and color recommendations.  Other services that they offer include manicures, pedicures and facial treatments.  If you want a career in cosmetology, you will be able to find a lot of online information to help you discover how you can become a cosmetologist.

To be able to work as a cosmetologist or hair stylist, you have to obtain an education at an accredited cosmetology school.  In some states, a high school diploma or its equivalent is required as well.  A typical training program in cosmetology and hairstyling can take 9 months.  For more information on cosmetology schools, it is best to check out the schools in your state or area.  Make sure the school is accredited or state-approved.

A cosmetology license is necessary in order for a hairstylist or cosmetologist to be able to find work.  You can take a state-administered licensing exam after obtaining your education at an accredited cosmetology school and completing the required number of hours of practical hands-on training.  There are separate exams for skin care specialists, manicurists and pedicurists.  The exams consist of written and practical tests.

Cosmetologists can work at beauty salons, barbershops, department stores, hotels, resorts, etc.  Their earnings will depend on where they work as well as their specific field of specialization.  On the average, cosmetologists earn anywhere from $7.52 to $10.50 an hour, including tips.  As cosmetologists gain more experience, they can expect their pay to increase also.  The job outlook for cosmetologists is bright and the demand for workers in this industry is expected to grow each year.

A career in cosmetology can never be boring.  Some of the duties he or she may perform include cutting and trimming hair, bleaching, dyeing or tinting hair, massaging the scalp and applying therapeutic medicine.  A cosmetologist will also perform other services.  He or she will shape or color eyebrows, remove facial hair, or clean, shape and polish fingernails and toenails,

Aside from providing beauty services to their clients, there are also other career opportunities for cosmetologists.  They may also work as a sales person for beauty and health products.   They can also find work in the motion picture industry and at hotels and hospitals.

Career opportunities for cosmetologists are endless.  For more cosmetology information, check the websites of cosmetology schools and find out what they can offer to get you started on this exciting career.


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