Highest Paid Types of Cosmetologists

The majority of cosmetology school graduates head into the work place to fulfill roles in salons and spas, where some cosmetologists can earn higher income. In general, it takes time to become a top earning cosmetologist, but education and location are critical to your success. Many high-paid cosmetologists stepped out of the main stream to work or private companies and television networks. So, where can you go to earn more as a cosmetologist?

Celebrity stylists and cosmetologists working in the entertainment industry typically earn more than the amounts estimated for salon-based stylists. However, as a cosmetologist gains experience and clients, it becomes possible to earn more by opening a privately owned salon. Alternatively, stylists who excel at cosmetology are better poised to gain employment at higher-end salons where the top earning professionals in the industry succeed.

Becoming high paid cosmetologists is about more than industry. Working with celebrities and TV networks or modeling agencies will always pay more than working in a main stream salon. However, location plays an important role as well. It is true that some parts of the country are known to pay higher wages for a cosmetology experts than others.

According to AllSalaryData.com, the highest paying places are in the District of Columbia:

“Looking at the top 5 states where cosmetologists are paid the highest average wages as of May 2008, it’s easy to see that wages are grouped fairly close together except in the state of Hawaii. Hawaii pays an average hourly wage rate of $20 compared to $14.83 paid in Vermont. This is a $5.17 an hour difference or almost 35%. But exclude Hawaii and the spread between Washington State’s average hourly wage of $15.84 and Vermont’s rate at $14.83 drops to only $1.01 per hour or 7%. Washington, New Jersey and Massachusetts pay in a $15 to $16 hourly rate range.”

When it comes to number of cosmetologists employed, the site says:

“New Jersey comes out on top with an average annual wage of $31,400 as of May 2008. This is 36.2% higher than the lowest paying state out of the top five which is Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s average annual wage for cosmetologist is $23,040 which is $8,360 lower than the wages paid in New Jersey.” (Read more.)

This is a statistic that is corroborated by USNews, which states that:

“According to the Department of Labor, hairdressers made an average salary of $22,760 in 2010—including tips. The best-paid 10 percent in the profession made approximately $41,540, while the lowest-paid made approximately $16,350. The most experienced tend to receive the highest pay, and building a loyal client base is crucial to a stylist’s earning potential. The highest-paid in the profession work in the metropolitan areas of Santa Fe, N.M., Sherman, Texas, and Boulder, Colo.” (Read more.)