Highest Paid Types of Cosmetologists

The majority of cosmetology school graduates head into the work place to fulfill roles in salons and spas, where some cosmetologists can earn higher income. In general, it takes time to become a top earning cosmetologist, but education and location are critical to your success. Many high-paid cosmetologists stepped out of the main stream to work or private companies and television networks. So, … [Read more...]

Working the Beauty Industry: Types of Jobs for Cosmetology School Graduates

Types of jobs for cosmetology grads in the beauty industry are plentiful. While most job categories fall into hair, nails, and skin care, finding the right industry or platform is just as important as your choice to specialize in beauty. Cosmetologists work in a wide range of jobs and across a variety of markets. From local salons to big-name Broadway productions or marketing agencies, … [Read more...]

Types of Cosmetologists

Strictly speaking, a ‘cosmetologist’ is a type of professional who is educated and experienced in caring for skin. This includes scalp and facial skin. Generally, however, cosmetology schools teach students the skills necessary to become a professional in any field related to cosmetology: barbering, styling, shampooing, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, electrolysis, waxing, and a number of other … [Read more...]

What to Expect on a Cosmetology School Written Exam

After spending hundreds of hours in class and hundreds more practicing your new skills on clients, the time comes to take a written and practical exam to verify your new knowledge. While these tests are aligned with the curriculum at your school, being prepared for these tests is critical. Exams are a stressful time for many students and cosmetology exams are no exception. After all, failing a … [Read more...]

Double-Duty in Cosmetology School Leads to More Income

Cosmetology schools across the country are beginning to see the value in offering students dual certificate program, running side by side for students who want to enter the resort and spa industry. As a trade that focuses on beauty and self-confidence, cosmetology schools are teaming up with teachers of massage therapy to run dual programs that allow students to study both trades … [Read more...]

How to Find Help Paying for Cosmetology School

Making a decision to go to cosmetology school is an easy for individuals who enjoy helping others feel better, but some may find that affording this type of program is a bit more difficult. It’s not that cosmetology school is expensive – it is certainly more affordable than a college degree program. However, tuition costs, books, and equipment can add up to more than $10,000 in major metropolitan … [Read more...]

Cosmetology School Supplies: What Will You Need for Your First Day of Class?

Cosmetology school tuition covers the cost of classes, labs, and sometimes textbooks that will be used throughout the time students spend in class. It rarely covers costs associated with supplies that will only be used by the student. When tuition does cover the cost of supplies, it may not cover every item that will be necessary to complete the course successfully, so always check with your … [Read more...]

Cosmetology 101: What do Cosmetologists Do?

Students graduating from a cosmetology school are prepared to enter into the beauty industry to perform a wide number of functions. According to labor statistics, cosmetologists can earn anywhere from $10.00 an hour to hundreds a day depending on the where they choose to work and how skilled they are at their chosen specialty. (Some cosmetology school graduates choose to remain general … [Read more...]

After Cosmetology School Graduation: Continuing Education

Graduating from cosmetology school is one of the most rewarding experiences for an aspiring stylist, cosmetologist, or esthetician. The education does not stop there, however. Many states require ongoing training and credits to renew a cosmetologist’s license once every few years. Continuing education classes for cosmetologists are required by many regulatory agencies in the United States. … [Read more...]

Cosmetology Classes: Learning to be an Esthetician

Esthetician classes at cosmetology schools range between basic studies and advanced program-based courses that are part of a certificate program. With a degree or certification, students can become licensed in their state (or multiple states) to practice as an esthetician at a spa, clinic, resort, medical facility, and other facilities. An esthetician is a person that specializes in skin care. … [Read more...]