Beauty School Salon Savings in Chico

Students in beauty schools get hands-on training by practicing their skills on mannequins and other students. When the end of the program is in sight, it is time to work with the public to learn about customer service and relationship building. It also gives students the opportunity to learn about day-to-day operations in a professional salon. For people living in the community however, student … [Read more...]

Cosmetology Schools Take Part in Makeup, Hair Tradeshow

Cosmetology schools get a lot of credit for teaching students the finer points of hair styling, skin care, and even nail care. But as one trade show points out, beauty school is about learning how to be a stylist, too. Cosmetologists are an integral part of the beauty industry. Even the make-up artists for big name celebrities did their time at a cosmetology school before hitting it big in … [Read more...]

One Lucky Student will Receive Full Tuition for Cosmetology School

The chance to win a full paid scholarship to a cosmetology school does not come around often, but for student hopefuls living near one of the locations at a successful cosmetology school – that just might be a chance worth taking. The taj salon & spa is offering $20,000 to a student applying to Aveda Institute. Other scholarships for cosmetology school are highly competitive and rarely cover … [Read more...]

Cosmetology Students May Lose Credit Hours for College

Students in a cosmetology program at one school are trying to explain to the school district that they may need some help finishing up their credit hours. Bethlehem Vocational-Technical School is home to many cosmetology students – some who attend classes as part of a high school vocational program. The problem facing these students is on familiar to students at cosmetology colleges: … [Read more...]

Cosmetology Schools, Graduates Experience Success amid Economic Struggle

Cosmetology schools are finding the recession less of a problem than many other industries, as are the graduates that enter the workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that cosmetology jobs will continue to be available and the job market will grow over the next decade. A story out of Wichita illustrates how the job market for both cosmetologists and cosmetology schools can be resistant … [Read more...]

Beauty School Celebrates 55 Years

A Nebraska cosmetology school is the longest running vocational training facility for cosmetologists in the state; a fact that may be credited to the school’s ability to maintain its originating philosophies according to reports. Cosmetology schools are typically part of a chain or franchise, but many private schools are beginning to surface. Lasting half of a decade is impressive in the world of … [Read more...]

Cosmetology School Popular at Career Fair

Cosmetology schools have enjoyed much success in recent years. Partly thanks to a struggling economy and with credit to new technical high schools that drum up interest in the profession, cosmetology student enrollments continue to be on the rise. As one report shows, the interest in cosmetology schools is high; even among high school students: The automotive and cosmetology booths were among … [Read more...]

Cosmetology Students Preview Working with Real Client

Cosmetology schools start with the basics. As students work their way through the volumes of information about hair styling, skin care, and chemicals, they learn more and more about dealing with real clients. Eventually, cosmetology class time takes place in a salon where the students get to deal with real clients and learn about real-world challenges. One reporter describes what it’s like for new … [Read more...]

Cosmetology School to Offer Middle School Makeovers

Cosmetology students are required to accumulate hundreds of hours of class time and clinical experience on the salon floor before being eligible for graduation and licensing in most states. One of the most popular ways to obtain the required experience is through a salon at the beauty school or community events. The Fort Scott Community College’s cosmetology program is hosting one such event for … [Read more...]

Utah Cosmetology School Closes

A community college in Utah has decided to end its cosmetology program. Salt Lake Community College has announced plans to phase out its barbering and cosmetology programs, which are among the school’s oldest and once-popular vocational certifications. But only a small portion of those earning SLCC’s credentials in recent years are actually employed in the hairstyling profession, and the program … [Read more...]