Cosmetology School & Domestic Violence Officers Work Together

Few professions allow people to get as intimate in conversation as those careers that are made possible with cosmetology training. For this reason, cosmetologists are known to law enforcement to be one of the best allies in the national fight against domestic violence and abuse. Cosmetology schools train students on identifying the signs of abuse, but some colleges are turning up the volume. … [Read more...]

Cosmetology Classes Succeed in Popular Program

Shawsheen Technical High School is not your average high school and its cosmetology program certainly isn’t average either. There are fifty-five high school students attending cosmetology classes at the school, with ten already licensed and nine already working at area salons. Shawsheen’s cosmetology students are getting a pretty good deal when it comes to saving on cosmetology school … [Read more...]

Famous Stylist Teaches at Beauty School

A cosmetology school in San Jose California recently announced that a famous artistic director was there to talk with the school’s students in March. The Salon Professional Academy hosted Kris Sorbie at their Westgate Mall school location and offered two classes to students. Kris Sorbie is the winner of the NAHA Master Hairstylist of the Year Award and is the Redken Education Artistic … [Read more...]

Beauty School Launches Five New Locations

Five new campuses are now open by a California-based cosmetology school chain in the state of Kansas. The Marinello Schools of Beauty is a national chain of cosmetology schools specializing in hair, skin care, makeup, manicures and other types of cosmetology services. The beauty school has twelve campuses outside of California and dozens in the state, including the new locations in Kansas. … [Read more...]

Program Helps Launch New Beauty School

An investment program in Ohio helped launch a new beauty school in the state and brought one woman’s dreams to life recently. The Economic and Community Development Institute helped Nicole Perrin-Hill achieve her dream of opening a beauty school. Perrin-Hill has been an instructor for 15 years, has been a cosmetologist for 17 years, and owns her own salon in Toledo. She has been able to … [Read more...]

Good News for Cosmetology School Graduates in 2012

According to one of the more respected sources on career outlooks in the United States, hairdressers, barbers, and general cosmetologists can look forward to great business and a profitable future this year and throughout the decade. The U.S. News and World Report regularly publishes a list of “Bests” in any given category and this year, cosmetology school graduates working in the hair arena … [Read more...]

Beauty School Garners Big Endorsement, Helps with Product Launch

A beauty school in New Jersey is the only school endorsed by Redken for excellence in education and will soon begin offering a brand new line of hair color products not yet on the market. The Salon Professional Academy of New Jersey will help Redken Debut its newest product in their hair coloring system, Chromatics. Chromatics is bringing a new type of permanent hair color, one that the … [Read more...]

New Cosmetology School Scholarship Available to New Students

Students look for financial help attending cosmetology school might be able to get some help from a new beauty school scholarship fund announced this month. The new scholarship is being offered by the Beauty Schools Marketing group and will grant one cosmetology school student a $2,500 scholarship each quarter of the year. Beauty school scholarships are available from many other resources … [Read more...]

Beauty School Notorious for Fundraising is at it Again

One U.S.-based beauty school that comes to mind anytime someone in the industry mentions fundraising is at it again with a new wave of campaigns. Paul Mitchell beauty schools spend months every year raising money for charity and garnering the attention of the star-studded sponsors of the founding organizations. This is the 9th year in a row that the beauty school will spend all of February, … [Read more...]

Beauty School Remodel is a Hit

A beauty school in Wisconsin got a makeover of its own recently that proved to be a hit among new and old patrons of the school’s public salon. The First Class Cosmetology School celebrated its re-debut earlier in February with deeply discounted prices on services, prizes and other events. The beauty school took over some of the space surrounding its initial location on State St in Beloit, … [Read more...]