Cosmetology Classes Succeed in Popular Program

Shawsheen Technical High School is not your average high school and its cosmetology program certainly isn’t average either.

There are fifty-five high school students attending cosmetology classes at the school, with ten already licensed and nine already working at area salons.

Shawsheen’s cosmetology students are getting a pretty good deal when it comes to saving on cosmetology school tuition, to say the least. Their school is located in the Massachusetts, where if one wants to be a hair dresser, he or she will need to complete 1,000 credit hours in cosmetology classes, pass a written exam and a successfully execute the skills during practical exam before obtaining a license.

That didn’t stop the 10 students that are now licensed to cut hair in the state – before they’ve even graduated. There are 19 seniors, 18 juniors, and 18 sophomores (at last count) in the school’s popular cosmetology program. One of the former graduates of the high school is back again, now working as a cosmetology school instructor for Shawsheen Tech. Sandy Barnes said in a report that the school and the program are great.

Students attending cosmetology classes can get all of the qualifications for licensing met before graduating from the high school. And when they do graduate, they can do so with a diploma and a cosmetology license in hand, allowing students to directly enter the job market.

The students that have already achieved their licensing and working as cosmetologists in area salons are doing so under cooperative jobs programs. They are working at salons such as Fantastic Sams, the Aurora Salon, Super Cuts, Indra Salon, and others in the area. The coop jobs give the students the chance to get their real-world experience before graduating from the high school, though by the time they get their license they have already worked on public hair care through the school’s salon clinic.