Cosmetology School & Domestic Violence Officers Work Together

Few professions allow people to get as intimate in conversation as those careers that are made possible with cosmetology training. For this reason, cosmetologists are known to law enforcement to be one of the best allies in the national fight against domestic violence and abuse.

Cosmetology schools train students on identifying the signs of abuse, but some colleges are turning up the volume. These schools are helping their students to help themselves and their clients through classes taught by local law enforcement officials.

In Burley, Idaho, Sheriff’s officers recently went to a local beauty school to help spread this message.

The Cassia County Sheriff’s Office held a special class at the Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences in Burley showing the students what to do about violence at school or in the workplace.

Cassia County Sheriff Randy Kidd says, “If there’s a potential perpetrator out there, school and work is one place he knows he can find his victim. He knows they’re going to be at school or at work. So he or she knows where to go looking for the victim.”

Kidd says violence often starts when there are problems in a relationship. He says some of the warning signs include people following you to work and staying the parking lot, or sending you phone and text messages that make you feel threatened.

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Cosmetology schools are a place for learning about styling, hair, nail, and skin care; but they are also well-known institutions for teaching the finer points of “customer service”. It is a cosmetologist’s job to get personal with a client. Conversations about appearances and how appearances make us feel can (and do) lead to more intimate conversations about home life and struggles.  A properly trained stylist can detect the signs of abuse and help others escape or get help.

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