Cosmetology Students May Lose Credit Hours for College

Students in a cosmetology program at one school are trying to explain to the school district that they may need some help finishing up their credit hours. Bethlehem Vocational-Technical School is home to many cosmetology students – some who attend classes as part of a high school vocational program. The problem facing these students is on familiar to students at cosmetology colleges: financing.

Although the cosmetology school can be completed during high school for most students, some seniors are short on hours. Even though the students in the story from LeHigh Valley Live are just a few hundred credit hours shy of being able to test as certified cosmetologists, they face a difficult obstacle of funding the night school classes in order to gain the hours that they need. Unfortunately, the hours they’ve already spent  in the cosmetology school won’t transfer to a college program:

Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School students split their days between their home district and the Bethlehem Township, Pa. school. With increased graduation requirements and heightened emphasis on standardized testing, it is tougher to complete the hours within the school day, officials said.

Cosmetology student Crystal Moyer, 18, of Bethlehem, told the Bethlehem Area School BoardMonday night that some students are 300 to 400 hours short. Students who are short on hours often must pay to get them, and students asked the board to help them lower that out-of-pocket cost.

“We do want to pursue this as a career,” said Moyer, who is 250 hours short.

Officials at Bethlehem vo-tech and the Career Institute of Technology in Forks Township say if students have good attendance and pass all their academic classes they shouldn’t have a problem meeting the 1,250 minimum hours.

“If a student fails an academic class he (or) she might have to repeat it the following year, and that would very likely preclude the student from attending the technical school,” said Ron Roth, CIT administrative director. “This would cause a significant… (Read more on this cosmetology school program here.)
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