Cosmetology Students Preview Working with Real Client

Cosmetology schools start with the basics. As students work their way through the volumes of information about hair styling, skin care, and chemicals, they learn more and more about dealing with real clients. Eventually, cosmetology class time takes place in a salon where the students get to deal with real clients and learn about real-world challenges. One reporter describes what it’s like for new cosmetology students:

“I think we’ll go with a dark blonde with some red in it to warm it up,” she said as she flipped through pages of hair color samples. “That way it won’t be flat and it will match your skin tone.”

In my skin, she told her students, she saw shades of red and pink. Too much blonde would make my skin look too red, too cold of a color wouldn’t match my skin color.

My hair, my skin tone, my habit of crossing my legs while I sit in a hairdressers chair, all of it became educational material for the dozens of girls working toward their cosmetology licenses at the school.

As one student washes my hair, and then another dries it, and then another helps McGee apply colorant to it, other students in the class get out their mannequin heads and work on them. They’ll spend time this year working on their friends’ hair and make up for prom. They’ll work on family members’ hair in their own time. And, eventually, they’ll cut and color the hair on their mannequins’ head as well.

For now, they have me — a tomboy who puts getting a hair cut and color right up there in importance with changing the oil in my car and cleaning underneath my stove. But that’s just as important as having a princess in the chair, McGee said.

“They’re going to have customers just like you, too,” she said.

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