Famous Stylist Teaches at Beauty School

A cosmetology school in San Jose California recently announced that a famous artistic director was there to talk with the school’s students in March.

The Salon Professional Academy hosted Kris Sorbie at their Westgate Mall school location and offered two classes to students.

Kris Sorbie is the winner of the NAHA Master Hairstylist of the Year Award and is the Redken Education Artistic Director. Sorbie teaches a class called ‘Bespoke Color & Up Styling’ which she will teach to the students at the beauty school. The classes at The Salon Professional Academy consisted of lecture and demonstration on her special way of creating customized hairdressing and coloring. She discussed what inspires her and explains her techniques. The morning class time consisted of color and the evening class time was used to go over the details of up styling.

Sorbie discusses more than technique with the students; she talks about being a cosmetologist. This includes insight into creating a cosmetologist brand with the customer, selling and booking appointments, and providing superior consultation services. She will also discuss the techniques of color, successful styling, quick red carpet tips, and working with new looks and trends.

The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose is a beauty school focused on innovation and cosmetologist training. It is endorsed by the Redken for Excellence in Education and delivers cosmetology classes led by empowering instructors who invest in their students’ success. The classes are generally small, so the instructors have enough time to work with each student individually to make sure they understand the finer points of each lesson.

The school teaches professional development and business management skills in addition to full offering of cosmetic training services. Students attending the beauty school are eligible to apply for the Redken Scholarship award and will receive hands-on training in state-of-the-art facilities and assistance with job placement following graduation.