Program Helps Launch New Beauty School

An investment program in Ohio helped launch a new beauty school in the state and brought one woman’s dreams to life recently.

The Economic and Community Development Institute helped Nicole Perrin-Hill achieve her dream of opening a beauty school.

Perrin-Hill has been an instructor for 15 years, has been a cosmetologist for 17 years, and owns her own salon in Toledo. She has been able to showcase her talents in multiple venues – all but he one type of arena she desired most to compete: the education of future cosmetologists. Thanks to sincere effort on her part, she was able to connect with the ECDI and find the funding she needed to open her school.

The ECDI provides small businesses such as the beauty school with loans to help them get started in the state. The organization has provided millions of dollars in loans to over 500 small businesses and helped create more than 1500 jobs in the community, which in turn provides more tax revenue to the state. (They have also been instrumental in bringing federal funds into the local economy.) The organization connects small business owners with funding programs available at local, state, and federal levels and through private investors.

The new beauty school is named “New Directions Beauty Institute” and is located on Dublin Granville in Columbus, Ohio. The school is offering training to students that are interested in a career as a make-up artist, photography and film stylist, image consultant, manicurist, hair dresser, color specialist, spa and salon owner, instructor, editor, and beauty writer. According the school’s new website, it is their mission to make sure each of their students receives all the training they need to obtain their dream job and achieve their career goals. It is a priority at the beauty school to help their students achieve professional success.