Students Get a Jump-Start on Cosmetology College

Seniors at a high school in Bradenton, FL are getting a head start on a career in cosmetology by enrolling in cosmetology classes at an area technical school.

Two Students from Lakewood Ranch High School are enrolled at Manatee Technical Institute to learn the skills they will need to become a cosmetologist in the future.

The students, who are new to the classes at the cosmetology school, are learning first the basics of their future profession. While presently taking classes centered on things like bacteria and skin reactions, they will eventually move on to cutting, coloring, and highlighting hair.

The students have taken the Test of Adult Basic Education and successfully passed it, a requirement of entering the cosmetology school program. They also must purchase class supplies and complete applications to enroll in the cosmetology program before they are allowed to commence their studies at the school.

Students in the cosmetology school program are evaluated based on personal appearance, course work, and, of course, the quality of their work. The school instructs students on all facets of cosmetology, including business ethics and handling customers. They are given homework on a daily basis, says one of the high school students attending the beauty school.

“You learn as much as possible one day and then the next day during class time, you take a test covering everything you have learned the previous day”, according to Megan Hildreth, another student at the school.

Jaclyn Canatello, a senior at Lakewood Ranch High School and MTI, says that it can be a little more stressful at MTI than it is in high school.

“MTI can be sometimes more stressful then at the Ranch. You have to be fully dedicated to take on this challenge,” Cannatello told a Bradenton publication.