Utah Cosmetology School Closes

A community college in Utah has decided to end its cosmetology program.

Salt Lake Community College has announced plans to phase out its barbering and cosmetology programs, which are among the school’s oldest and once-popular vocational certifications.

But only a small portion of those earning SLCC’s credentials in recent years are actually employed in the hairstyling profession, and the program is costly to taxpayers, according to college communications director Joy Tlou.

“The college is absolutely committed to running the program for those currently enrolled,” said trustees chairwoman Jesselie Anderson.The announcement surprised some instructors and students. Officials assured the 217 students already enrolled that the program will continue until they are finished but won’t accept new students.

Amid the closing of the cosmetology school, some teachers will lose their job at the community college. As the budgets at some schools tighten, many are eliminating the programs that either cost them the most money or have lowered enrollments.

According to the news report, school officials had a tough time deciding to close the program.

“It was a very difficult decision but a necessary one to keep Salt Lake Community College focused on its mission,” said President Cynthia Bioteau.

Four full-time faculty will see their positions phased out, but most are approaching retirement. Meanwhile, the school has started four new career-building programs, including ones in mortuary science and music technology.

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