Finds Vocational Schools are Doing More to Empower Cosmetology Students finds that high school students completing vocational programs can go on to become successful cosmetologists soon after graduation.

FLORIDA — April 18th, 2012 —, reporting on news and information relating specifically to cosmetology schools, recently revealed that high school students enrolled in a vocational program are more likely to go to a cosmetology college or directly enter the workforce as a certified cosmetologist. This report comes as industry estimates project steady growth in the job market for cosmetologists.

For most teenagers, high school is a time for academics, early mornings, and sports. But for some lucky high school students, the addition of vocational education electives in their school district are making the chance at a college education possible – even for those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

High school programs that offer vocational training in beauty services are preparing these students for a career as a hairstylist, but says it prepares them for much more. Even though these programs are light on training in advanced cosmetology procedures, students are much more likely to enter a cosmetology school program following high school graduation.

A recent report published by the National Center for Education Statistics and prepared by the U.S. Department of Labor confirms that 78% of students graduating from a high school vocational program went on to enroll in college; more than 60% of students graduating a consumer vocation program (such as cooking or cosmetology programs) decided to earn a degree.

Some high school programs provide cosmetology classes that are extensive enough to afford some students the ability to earn enough credits and hours in their program to enter the workforce directly.

“To work in a salon and earn clinical credits in a cosmetology school, most states require that the student become certified as a cosmetologist. Students of cosmetology schools may choose to stop at the certification level and enter the profession as an apprentice, remain in school and earn a diploma, or undergo more extensive studies to earn an associate of applied science degree in cosmetology.” – Lewis Bauer, brings together the best info on cosmetology colleges, student life, and professionals in the beauty industry to help you make an informed decision about your career and education goals. All resources, including the cosmetology school directory and helpful makeup artist articles are presented as a free service to users. helps individuals considering cosmetology careers find powerful information for success in college and beyond.

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