Beautiful Brows: The Ultimate Guide to Styling, Shaping, and Maintaining Your Eyebrows

Beautiful Brows: The Ultimate Guide to Styling, Shaping, and Maintaining Your Eyebrows

Beautiful Brows: The Ultimate Guide to Styling, Shaping, and Maintaining Your Eyebrows Rating:
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Put Your Best Face Forward!

How many times have you plucked, waxed, trimmed, stenciled, or penciled your eyebrows -- or paid someone else to do it for you? It's hard to control the outcome of these methods when you're at home standing in front of a mirror or in a salon letting a stranger make the decisions for you. Now whether you do it yourself or go to a pro, Beautiful Brows puts you in control:

Discover the best brow shape for your face.
Learn what to do with too much or too little hair.
Determine the pros and cons of waxing vs. tweezing.
Maintain your new look.

Filled with illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, Beautiful Brows will show you the secrets for getting the look you want, whether it's sexy, elegant, polished, professional, or just plain beautiful.


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  1. Rating

    This book is very easy to follow. My brows have never been so beautiful! All along, I knew I was doing something wrong, I just didn’t know what…then, along came this book!

    While I agree with some of the reviewer’s about the ‘unappealing format’ of the book (would it have killed them

    to make it a little bigger? how about some color pictures?), I can’t argue with it’s efficiency! If you are trying to decide between this book or another brow manual, go with this one. You won’t regret it.

  2. Vesna Vespa says


    This has got to be one of the most helpful how to books that I have ever read!It has helped me realize how very IMPORTANT brows are on our faces.It shows us what to do about thick brows,over plucked brows(My dilemma),how to polish them up so that they don’t look fake,what shades are right with what hair color,etc.

    It also let me know what shape of face I have,and along with that,what brow shape best suits me.I don’t care what negative comments the other reviewers have made,this book can easily suit our present day fashion trends.(In fact,aren’t designers and make up artists often looking towards the “past” for inspiration?)

    What the hell is wrong with sporting “Liz Taylored” thick brows if it suits a woman who can pull off her lush,sexy look,why does it always have to be dictated by make up artists,just because those barely there,Studio 54 1970’s brows are seen on Kate Moss,does not mean that every woman wants to look like her!

    In addition to this eye opener of a book (No pun intended),the authors also have an online store,where over 80 celebrity inspired stencils of eyebrow looks can be purchased,for the artistically challenged, so women can sport a different brow look everyday!This book was the 911 of brow rescue, and it is so nice that someone finally wrote a book about this overlooked area that so many women need help with.Now that’s amore!

  3. Shelley Gammon says


    This unassuming, tiny book is jam-packed with information on how to change your appearance and how you appear to others. The shape of your eyebrows can give the alure of being shy, demure, aggressive or even mysterious. This is more than just a guide on how to make a mono-brow into two separate eyebrows.

    If you have light-colored eyebrows or they are thin and sparse, this guide shows you how to enhance and mold what you have to make your face pop out in a crowd – in an exciting way, not a weird way.

    If you have big bushy brows that make you feel like you’re the missing link, there are step-by-step guides with illustrations and photographs on the proper way to pluck, shape and even trim when necessary.

    Diagrams for different face shapes are provided as well as photos of models and of celebrities with very different brow shapes, and before & after shots showing what a dramatic difference brow shape and density has on the the appearance of the face.

    The book gives you tips the pros in Hollywood use on celebrities and the rich and famous… some folks spend a pretty penny to have the fancy-shmancy make-up artists of the stars do their mojo on their brows.

    Read this before you start plucking!

  4. Lostinbooks says


    To say that this book was a revelation for me is only a bit of an overstatement. After finding my most flattering brow shape, I put the tips to work. I even ordered a few stencils from the author’s website (not necessary, but fun!) I’m delighted that I did. I was astounded at the difference that perfectly symmetrical, properly shaped brows have made in my appearance. A well groomed and shaped brow gives a polished look to the face, opens it up and balances your features.

    In addition to information on how to determine your best brow shape, there’s a fun section on how to achieve celebrity brows. Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Madonna and Audrey Hepburn are a few of the famous brows shown.

    If I was stuck on a desert island with only one beauty item, forget lipstick, it would DEFINITELY be an eyebrow pencil.

    Women, take note. SHAPE THOSE BROWS!

  5. Rating

    The define & conquer section of this book laid out a pretty simple shaping plan. I followed it and it worked beautifully for me. I also tried some of the different effects with my inner corner and each made a big difference to how I looked. It was pretty surprising to me how much better I looked following some of the advice here. I thought the pictures in this section were great. They showed me pretty clearly in a step by step format how to shape. This book has changed my brows and I didn’t think I would ever say this but this has made a difference in how I look – well worth the money. The book includes a few celebrity brows at the back. What I found interesting was seeing different inner corner finishes on the different celebs. I also found it interesting to see all the different basic shapes referred to in part one on the celebrities.

  6. Sylvia B. says


    I feel like I just woke up. After reading this book, I now see what brows can do. I see it everywhere and I can’t believe I never saw this before. The book challenges you to “look closely at the face of every truly beautiful woman you see”. Right away, I flipped through the closest fashion magazine I could find and nearly fell off my chair. The book was right – every single beautiful woman had beautiful eyebrows.

    The book warns what “a big beauty mistake” it is to ignore “the humble eyebrow” and now I see what it has cost me. My blond brows have driven me nuts, and this book has just delivered me from years of struggle. It is packed with info and I have learned how to successfully darken and redefine my brows into a shape that is perfect for me. My brows look great – I can see it and others tell me that’s the case. (I never thought I would ever hear people tell me that!) This is an excellent book.

  7. Gail Gibbs says


    A friend gave me this book because she knows I pay a fortune to have my brows waxed at a salon once a month. The brow lady there had me terrified to use tweezers myself, so I kept on coming back to her. Well, no longer! This book holds all her secrets and more. The instructions are super easy to follow. Now, I do what the pro at the salon did in just a few minutes in the privacy of my own bathroom and my brows look just as good, even better because I don’t have to put up with any stubble in between appointments. And I figure that I’ve saved mega-bucks (of course, I spent it all on shoes, but that’s another story).

  8. Anonymous says


    I’ve read just about every beauty book out there and this one is really special. It demystifies the whole brow grooming process and makes it so easy to discover the right shape for you–and then achieve it. The illustrations are clear and the instructions are easy to follow. Ever since I used this book, I keep on getting compliments on my brows. Very worth the low price!

  9. R. Stanton says


    I never realized the impact that properly groomed and trimmed eyebrows can do for a face until I read this book. I had never given much thought to my eyebrows other than to make sure they didn’t overgrow and look ugly. However, I was never satisfied by my eyebrows and always found them lacking. It was the weak link in my made-up face. After reading this book and buying a few inexpensive supplies, I’m happy to say that I know what to do for my brows and I love the finished look my makeup now has. (And I didn’t need to use stencils!)

    The information obtained in this book makes it possible for any woman to have neat, attractive eyebrows that are best shaped for her own face. Nancy Parker also advises on what to do if you have more pronounce facial features, such as widely spaced eyes or a dominant nose. She also helps you figure out which type of eyebrow makeup will work best for your existing brows to get the look you want. (Brow powder vs. brow pencil, what color, etc.)

    Because this book reads so quickly, you’ll be off and ready to do your own eyebrows before you know it. However, please take the time to you make your plan of action before you start plucking (or waxing) away – it will be so worth it! Stencils are not required.

    The b/w photos are nothing sophisticated, but they serve the point of showing the impact of what brows can do.

    After reading this book, I’ve never been able to look at brows the same again now that I know how much they can affect the face. I now see the brow effect in every model and magazine ad I come across.

    Beautiful Brows is a great book for the average laywoman who wants to gain knowledge on how to manage and make beautiful her own eyebrows. It’s worth the modest price for a lifetime of beautiful brows.

  10. Lee Mellott says


    This is a purse sized book jam packed with information about eyebrows! The eyebrows frame and “set off” your face. This book teaches you simple steps to help you choose a brow shape that suits your facial shape ie square, oval, round etc. and facial features ie nose shape, distance between the eyes etc. The writers explain different methods to remove unwanted eyebrow hair, and how to shape the brows into the desired style. Each part of the anatomy of the brow is explained and details on how to shape it properly are covered. I had never thought about the shape of the inner part of my brow that is near my nose for example. But the authors cover different effects you will achieve by shaping this in different ways. The book also includes a few celebrity pictures and their brows and explains how to achieve the look. The book is written in a friendly, easy to read manner – entertains as it educates. A good buy!