Cosmetology Certification Exam, 3rd Edition (Cosmetology Licensing Exam)

Cosmetology Certification Exam, 3rd Edition (Cosmetology Licensing Exam)

Cosmetology Certification Exam, 3rd Edition (Cosmetology Licensing Exam) Rating:
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This revised edition is packed with critical new information and key test-taking tips to ensure success on the cosmetology certification exam. Featuring the latest information and advice about official cosmetology certification exams in all 50 states, the book includes four full-length practice tests, a comprehensive 250-question refresher course with detailed answer explanations, and the nine-step LearningExpress Test Preparation System that helps test-takers get a top-notch score.


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  1. L. Wilkins says


    I ordered this for my daughter before she took her state board for her cosmetology license. She found it helpful …and she passed her test on her first try!

  2. Gina L. Troise says


    By using this book I was able to so see the questions in forms othe than the Milady way so I was prepared for trick questions. I definately used this book along w/ the Milady & indoing so I aced the exam & got my license.

  3. Rating

    I purchased this study book for my daughter who had just finished cosmetology school and was scheduled to take the state boards test. She is sometimes known for not taking studing very seriously or being prepaired for tests. She took the pracitce tests and studied areas where she was missing questions. When she took the board exam she passed the first try and told me that she sure was glad that I had gotten her this study book, many of the same questions appeared on the test.

  4. A. Heckendorf says


    I bought this book based on the description, thinking it would have lots of information about the boards in all 50 states and possible information about license renewal and continuing education. The whole book is just the practice exam with the last few pages having contact info for the board (which I could have gotten online). The contact info is out of date (I know at least one of the states is now governed by a different board) and doesn’t list all 50 states. If you’re just looking for the practice exam, it probably works fine, but the description was misleading to me.

  5. Rating

    It seemed to me that the content was outdated with current standards. I thought the test taking skills were helpful. I definetly would not use this as my only study guide. I found the other two textbook standards to be much better. I had to take the written exam after four years because I moved states. So take it for what its worth. I recommend doing a good search for materials before you buy anything. There are some good online study guide websites.