Getting it Right!: Milady’s Survival Guide for Cosmetology Students

Getting it Right!: Milady's Survival Guide for Cosmetology Students

Getting it Right!: Milady's Survival Guide for Cosmetology Students Rating:
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Getting it Right: Milady's Survival Guide for Cosmetology Students is a fun-to-read collection of practical, proven tips and hints to make the life of a cosmetology student easier and more productive. Hundreds of short tips are organized by category, making the information easy to find and fun to look through. Tips range from the physical to the abstract and are grouped by categories, such as On the Clinic Floor, Studying for the Exam, and Getting Organized. Compiled from the actual experiences of students, teachers, and professionals throughout the US, the tips are easy to digest and remember. They offer some not-so-obvious ways to make cosmetology school more manageable and preparing for licensure less threatening. The compact size of the book makes it easy to tuck into a handbag or jacket pocket for browsing whenever time permits.


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  1. Cheyenne Marie says


    I like this book, I found myself reading it and not putting it down. It has so many helpful tips and self-esteem boosting paragraphs. Reading the book was a stress relief in itself, just knowing that the support was their, even if you did not get it from famiily or friends. The main topic of this book is more like “You can do it, just believe in yourself” For the price, I am glad I got this book, little bit of pat me on the back encouragment in a paperback.

    • Could you get this book at the library? I would love to read it, I start beauty school on Valentine’s Day, and i believe that would be the perfect book to read during this process.

  2. Beverly Shea Todd says


    This was a very insightful book. I am starting Cosmetology School in the Fall and this help put things into perspective…especially since I am 30 with a child and I already have 2 other degrees.

  3. Patricia A. Carpenter says


    I’ve only had the book a short time and the first exercise has been helping me prepare for the next semester. As an older student, it has been an adjustment to be with the younger crowd. This manual and the quotes have helped me to remained focus on my goals. A must read.

  4. Rating

    The book is more for someone just out of highschool. It is for someone who is immature and does not have much experience with people or along the lines of being professional. The book to me was more about common sense and did not have any new insight for me. I am an adult over 40 in a cosmetology program who also comes with a nursing degree specializing in geripsych. I have dealt with all kinds of people over the years so maybe that is why the book did not really give me any new revealations on life having to do with cosmetology. It really is a book for those who are struggling with day to day life and maybe a negitive attitude.

    It does help those who need a more positive attitude about life in general. I however am a very positive person and very secure in what I believe. The books title should be: “Survival Guide for most students” It does make reference to Cosmetology but more so to student life and to someone who is young and inexperinced in life.

    There is not much more I can say about this book. I will probably pass it along to one of the students in my class who is in her early 20’s I believe she could benefit from it.