Milady’s Standard Cosmetology 2008: Hardcover

Milady's Standard Cosmetology 2008: Hardcover

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Milady?s Standard Textbook of Cosmetology has led the way in cosmetology education for 80 years by changing to meet the evolving needs of students and the market. Having been developed after extensive analysis by educational design experts, this textbook exhibits the most sophisticated methods for relaying information, stimulating thought, aiding comprehension, and enhancing retention. Milady?s Standard Cosmetology provides students with the information they will need to pass the licensure exams as well as the most contemporary techniques to ensure success once they are on the job. This revision features a fresh new layout, reorganized chapters, and new photography and illustrations to provide an open, easy-to-follow format that students need with the reliability that is the hallmark of Milady. This edition of Milady?s Standard Cosmetology is organized into six parts containing 32 chapters, each written by an industry expert in the field, creating an immediate connection to the professional world. New information on many subjects, including sanitation and infection control, and haircoloring has been included. The result is the most reliable cosmetology textbook available, one that covers all essential information in a contemporary, easy-to-use manner. While Milady?s Standard Cosmetology is the center of the curriculum, students and educators have a wide range of supplements from which to choose. All supplements have been revised and updated to complement the new edition of the textbook. This book will serve as a valuable guide, and students will refer to it again and again throughout their career!


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  1. S. Andrews says


    This text is excellent for review and for basic updates on new technology in the industry

  2. Midwest Book Review says


    Any college-level collection strong in cosmetology history will find MILADY’S STANDARD COSMETOLOGY is a ‘must’ reference. It covers everything, from general anatomy and physiology to key terms, charts of chemistry basics, procedures for hair or facials – everything covered in a professional cosmetology course. Many a college course will use this as its basic text, and any college-level collection with courses in cosmetology needs this.

  3. Anita L. Robinson says


    I am very happy with the Milady’s Standard Cosmetology 2008 book. Because it covers new trends that have taken place in the industry.If you are a Stylist that graduated from Cosmetology School many years ago I strongly advise you to get this book.

  4. Cecily F. Defreitas says


    The book information was very useful for my daughter’s class, but the book came to us all torn. Pages were torn and written all over. The seller of this book stated that the book was in very good condition. I will not buy another used book again because the sellers can be trusted.

  5. Rating

    Product came in fast and in good condition what else could you ask for!!!

    thanks i will be shopping here soon!

  6. Rating

    I went to school for cosmetology in 2007 partly using the older green covered milady cosmetology book. It was more informative with wording, pictures and descriptions. This “new” 2008 book cut out a lot of the information, but had the same exact pictures from the older book. So instead of improving the information, how-to steps, and guides in this new book, they cut out more pictures and information and added new work books, theory books etc. Milady makes more money, schools make you buy the work books. And while the work books are very helpful, its much easier to have 1 book to carry around, then having several books to carry around, or refer to if you are looking for help. Sadly most cosmetology schools are hole in the wall places, that do not have passionate teachers. So if this book lacks in information and up to date pictures etc, you cannot always rely on your teacher to teach you as I could not when I went back to school. If the book had better step by step directions, and actually put more content into it, than having less than their old book!- then people would benefit more and think better of Milady. Very disappointed, its like having the older book, but with less pictures and information, just a new cover. Waste of creating, they could have done so much. Did not even change the 1990’s looking pictures, besides the outer cover. Lucky for me, I had the old green covered milady textbook so when I needed further help, I got to refer to it, my classmates did not. The works books that match this are really good I have to say, but who wants to have to flip through other books trying to find an answer, when that is what this one is supposed to do. Not happy, but the school made me get this book.

  7. Patricia Catherine Powers says


    The book arrived in a timely manner, in exellent cond. will use this person again

  8. Rating

    This is a very average book. There is very little information on each topic and it’s mostly

    just fluff. I mostly looked at the hair dyeing information and there was not much written on the topic

    at all, very little that specifically explained how to dye hair.

    Also, there was a section in the book on vitiligo (which I know a lot about) that was completely

    inaccurate. There’s no excuse for that – they seemed to be confusing it with psoriasis (some

    completely unrelated skin problem). How can you caution people on how to apply a cosmetic product to

    someone with a skin issue if the book does not even print remotely accurate information?

    Definitely not worth the money unless someone makes you buy the book for a class. It needs to be

    updated for accuracy and useful information.